Training using electromyostimulation (EMS) is particularly effective because muscles – even in deeper layers – are trained more intensively, better and faster. That is why the method is becoming increasingly popular in everyday training. With our EMS Trainer Level 1 training, we teach you all the basics and content relevant to working as a trainer or consultant in this growing market segment with the EMS devices.Why exactly this EMS trainer training?The training provides all the basics for working successfully in the EMS area. EMS Training has developed from a trend to an integral part of the fitness market. The GluckerKolleg is the training organization which is the first in the world and has been training the competent EMS training specialists for the past 10 years. The speakers have been working with EMS training equipment from the start and can thus provide many valuable tips for correct handling and practice. The effectiveness of EMS training is underpinned by numerous scientific studies.
Who is this training suitable for?
This course is suitable for everyone who works with EMS devices and supports customers in this area.
What qualifications do I get in the end and what are the opportunities for graduates?
Upon successful completion of the EMS Level 1 trainer training, the graduate receives a license ** which certifies the handling of the EMS training. In addition, each participant will be admitted to the Glucker network free of charge and passed on to potential EMS customers with inquiries.
Participation requirements
If you have no training as a trainer before the start of EMS Level 1 trainer training, we recommend our book Theory Know How to order. Here you can acquire the basics of anatomy, physiology, training and nutrition that are important when working as a trainer. Basically, you can also take part in the EMS Trainer Level 1 training without prior training. Before the 2-day practical training, you have to deal with the theoretical basics of EMS training. For this purpose, we will send you a preparation manual to work through by post immediately after the binding registration. To study the content you need a few hours a week and about 1-2 weeks. As an introduction to the practical course, you take a short online test beforehand. This serves to bring the level of the group up to a uniform level and to prepare you optimally for the practical course.
Duration, procedure & prices
The license course lasts 2 days (16 hours of practice) plus the individual preparation time from home. Here you should invest a total of about 4-6 hours for learning.

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Numerous studies and scientific papers document the beneficial effects of EMS training. Find out why you should give it a try in our Knowledge Base.

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  • Welcome and feedback on the online test that was taken in advance
  • Introduction, definition and history of EMS training
  • Electrophysiological basics of EMS training
  • Implementation of a beginner’s training
  • Load parameters in EMS training
  • History, contraindications, training goals
  • Target groups for EMS training
  • EMS training for back problems
  • Pelvic floor training with EMS
  • Spotting and acting
  • Figure shaping with EMS training
  • Partner training with EMS
  • Training planning, differences from conventional training
  • Endurance training with EMS
  • Relaxation training with EMS
  • Feedback discussion
  • Goals of EMS training
  • Development of professional competence and practical EMS know-how
  • Acquiring skills to become active on the market as an EMS specialist and to be successful
  • Use of the mediated content for health-oriented advice and support for EMS customers
  • Professional work as an EMS trainer and differentiation from the competition on the market

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