Dr. Mahdad Akbari

IFPE Academy Head of Education

Doctorate of Business Administration in Sports Management
International Master Trainer from Germany



Dr. Mohammadhossein Bagheri

Chairman of The IFPE Beach Football

Exercise Physiology Specialist (Phd)


Dr. Hamidreza Hoshyar

Coach & Grade A Judge

PhD of Sport Management & Sport Sciences


Dr. Reza Dabiri

Chairman of The IFPE Mental Coach

Doctor of Strategic Management Professional

Dr. Mehran Asghari

Head of NutriScience(NS) as Supplement

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)


Dr. Madjid Seifi Azar Nezhad

Chairman of The IFPE Football Committee

Exercise Physiology Specialist (Phd)

Dr. Hamid Aghaalinejad

Bodybuilder of national judo and ski teams

Exercise Physiology Specialist (Phd)


Dr. Nasim Pilevar

Instructor of physical fitness of the Asian Football Confederation

Doctor of Physical Education


Dr. Ehsan Yosefali Zadeh

Exercise Nutrition Instructor and Instructor

PhD in Exercise Biochemistry


Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Kazerouni

Director and founder of the Center for Health and Diabetes

Doctor of Medical Professional

Dr.Omid Salehiyan

International Instructor Of Sports Nutrition Courses

PhD in Sports Physiology


Dr. Masoud Roshani

International Fitness lecturer

Review of 50 fitness training systems


Dr. Jamal Shaygan

University professor

PhD in Sports Management


Dr. Mohammad Sarlak

Chairman of The IFPE Wrestling Committee

Exercise Physiology Specialist (Phd)


Dr. Foad Seyed Rahmani

Bodybuilding Coach of Iran's National Youth Wrestling Team

Exercise Physiology Specialist (Phd)

Dr. Navid Lotfi


Exercise Physiology Specialist (Phd)

Dr. Masomeh Dashtabadi

Mental Coach

PhD in Psychology


Dr. Ehsan Yosefali Zadeh

Exercise Nutrition Instructor And Instructor

PhD in University Sports Biochemistry


Dr. Hasan Noori Nejad

Chairman of The IFPE Volleyball Committee

Exercise Physiology Specialist (Phd)


Dr. Nader Afravi

Chairman of The IFPE Martial arts Committee

Exercise Physiology Specialist (Phd)


Suzan Dolatabady

Chairman of The IFPE Spinning Committee

Founder of Spinning (Indoor Bicycle) in IRAN



Chairman of The IFPE Basketball Committee

International Coach

Shahab Tajbakhsh

Chairman of The IFPE Parkour Committee

Champion of Cross-Fit Competitions


Ahad Vaziri

Fitness Contest

International Fitness Judge


Farzane Mallahi

Chairman of The IFPE Yoga Committee

Official instructor of the Yoga Association


Saeed Mousavian

Chairman of The IFPE Pilates Committee

MKPILATES Certificate From the UK and EMS From Germany