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  • 6 articles
  • 8 downloadable resources
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  • 1 Theory exam : online
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  • Certificate: Personal Trainer License
  • European Qualifications Framework EQF


1. Roles and Responsibilities of a Personal Trainer
2. The Characteristics of a Good Personal Trainer
3. Ethical Responsibility of the Personal Trainer
4. Good Gym Habits to be Kept in Mind and Taught to Clients


1. one to one systems
2. Mental coaching
3. Body transformation methods
4. Strength training
5. Vibration training
6. EMS Training
7. Functional training
8.Circle training
9. Sport nutrition
10.Controlling & monitoring

Fitness Theory and Terminology:

1. Fitness Defined
2. Benefits of Exercise and Fitness
3. Components of Fitness
4. Motor fitness, VO2 Max, VO2 difference, Calculate Your Exercise Heart Rate Range
5. Aerobics and Anaerobic Physical Activity
6. Principles of Fitness
7. Weight Training and Body Building
8. Points to Remember When Commencing a Weight Training Program
9. Over-Training and Pain
10. Repetitions and Sets (reps and sets)
11. Terms and Definitions

Exercise Programs and Prescriptions:

1. Warming Up
2. Repetitions and Sets (reps and sets)
3. Training Program Chart 1
4. Training Program Chart 2
5. Training Program Chart 3
6. New Trainee General Fitness Program
7. Body Part Fitness Training (New trainee)
8. Experienced Trainee General Fitness Program
9. Experienced Trainee Body Part Fitness Training

Human Body Fundamentals and the Muscular System:

1. The Cardiovascular System
2. Calculate Your Exercise Heart Rate Range
3. Different Body Types
4. The Process of Digestion
5. Types of Muscles
6. Fast Twitch and Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers
7. The Human Muscular System

Warming Up and Stretching:

1. About Warming Up
2. Warming Up Exercises for the Back
3. Exercises to Strengthen the Back and Avoid Injury
4. Warming up and stretching exercises explained through animated images of trainers performing the exercises
5. Body weight squat bend
6. Feet apart seated forward bends
7. Flat bench kneel
8. Forward bends
9. Hamstring stretches
10. Hurdler’s stretches
11. Inner thigh stretches
12. Leaning against the wall
13. Low back roll
14. Opposite arm grab
15. Opposite elbow pull
16. Side bends
17. Straight arm twist
18. Standing one leg hold


About Personal Trainer Certification

IFPE Personal Trainer Certification provides a way for experienced fitness professionals to expand their knowledge base and increase their commitment to excellence by refreshing their knowledge with our online personal trainer certification exam. Completing our online Personal Trainer Certification provides potential clients with assurance of your experience and expertise, making it relevant and necessary continuing education and specialization. Becoming a Personal Trainer by completing our Personal Trainer Certification course shows that you have a firm grasp on the basic fundamentals of health and fitness, specializing in personal training methods and techniques. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer Certification near you, you can test as close as your home – from your own computer.

By completing your Personal Training Certification online and becoming a certified Personal Trainer, fitness professionals & physical trainers can better serve their clients with the latest information and tools available to certified personal trainers. IFPE online Personal Training Certification program refreshes the fundamentals of any personal trainer’s broad-based foundation. IFPE certifications provide the competitive edge in the quickly changing and always competitive health and fitness industry. A Personal Training Certification from IFPE can help the experienced fitness professional expand their career through: Proven commitment to personal fitness training and the fitness industry Enhanced ability to design tailored, effective training regimens for a wide variety of clients Increased understanding of successful workout components and considerations Refreshed fitness professional knowledge of basic personal training methodology.



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