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Corrective Movements Workshop

Isfahan | Iran | 2023

The international workshop on corrective exercises was held with the approach of the American Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in cooperation with the International Fitness Academy of Germany (IFPE) and the Isfahan’s Sports Medicine Association(ESMA) on October 30th, 2023. This workshop is one of the most important workshops in the discussion of fitness and bodybuilding coaching at international levels and it is very beneficial for all coaches. It is worth mentioning that in this course, there were several participants with high degrees of specialized education at the doctorate level, as well as several renown professors from Isfahan province, which indicated the high level of education and quality of this workshop.

The workshop was presented by the following professors in related educational units.

Management and Workshop Intro:

IFPE Master Trainers, Vahid Reshno and Dr. Sabet Raasekh

Lecturer of the practical course:

Dr. Majid Khodadadi, professor of sports pathology and corrective exercises from Tehran University

This workshop included the following parts, which were provided to the participants in the form of video recordings:

Musculoskeletal screening basics

Getting to know bodybuilding exercise tests

Analysis of body movements

Identification of musculoskeletal abnormalities

Investigating corrective exercises based on dynamic anomalies

Familiarity with corrective exercise equipment

After the workshop and study of the supplementary educational video, you can expect to subject athletes, patients and clients to musculoskeletal screening and prescribe corrective exercises with scientific and latest international references after identifying musculoskeletal abnormalities.