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Sports Nutrition Workshop

Isfahan | Iran | 2023

The international Sports Nutrition Workshop and Seminar on Dietary Supplements was held in cooperation with the International Fitness Academy of Germany (IFPE) and the Isfahan’s Sports Medicine Association(ESMA) on November 24th, 2023. This workshop is one of the most major events in the discussion of fitness and bodybuilding coaching at international levels, and all trainers are needed to complete this workshop before submitting their resumes and receiving job offers so that there can be no disruption in their acceptance process. It is worth mentioning that in this course, there were several national team players present from the province of Isfahan, which indicated the high level of importance of this workshop.

The workshop was presented by the following professors in related educational units.

Management and Workshop Intro:
IFPE Master Trainer, Vahid Reshno
IFPE Head of Education Committee, Dr. Majid Sabet Rasekh

Mr. Hadi, Instructor of the Sports Medical Association of Isfahan Province