German International Fitness Academy (IFPE),

Organizer of international fitness coaching classes in EU countries (Germany and Austria) in cooperation with the Austrian Fitness Federation will hold an international personal training course in 2022, both online and offline.

Fitness Modeling


Organizer of international fitness coaching courses in the EU countries, presents Fitness Modeling Course now in both Turkish and Farsi Language in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.The course is of an accelerated nature and is scheduled only on January 22 (2th of Bahman).Our coaching staff includes three professional trainers from turkey and also the internationally acclaimed trainer Dr. Mahdad Akbari, with fifteen years of experience in coaching, managing and supervising fitness training and modeling centers for both men and women all across Germany and Austria, while having the role of management and recruitment of human resources in several international fitness exhibitions in Germany under his resume.



At the end of this course , participants will succeed in receiving the Fitness Modeling certificate from Germany. with the seal and signature of the President of the Austrian Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation, as well as the head of the training department of the IFPE International Academy in Germany


All international coaching qualifications are issued and registered in Germany and can be submitted for CV and international resume.


All certificates and coaching certificates issued with official approval and international certifications by the Austrian Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation as well as the German International Academy and include the seal and logo of the Austrian Bodybuilding Federation in the certificates. Also, the international approvals of the quality control certificates: ISO 21001:2018 (EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) , ISO 9001:2015 (QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) of the educational centers and also all the necessary quality controls have been registered in the certification papers.