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International Exhibition of Sports

Tehran | IRAN |  2022

The first appearance of the German IFPE Academy at the 21st International Exhibition of Sports and Sports Equipment which was held from 14th to 17th of July 2022 at the Tehran International Exhibition, met with praise and delightful welcome of athletes and bodybuilders from a vast range of sports including bodybuilding, fitness, football, futsal, martial arts, basketball, volleyball, yoga and pilates. the level of their participation and enthusiasm was without a doubt, one of a kind.
The presence of famous figures from different fields in sports, champions as well as coaches and academics, showed the needs and importance of improving education at an international level, which all the participants clearly observed and later expressed their gratitude and approval to the officials of the IFPE Academy and encouraged the staff of the Academy to carry out their responsibilities at the international level as best as possible.
In the international sports exhibition and sports equipment in Tehran(SportEx), there were many bodybuilding equipment, nutritional supplements, sports equipment and supplies showcased and were available for testing and also, many international brands and academies were discussing and showing advanced sports training methods and their merchandise to the audience. institutions and companies providing sports and educational services too had a prominent presence in this event.
SportEx exhibition had important goals such as promotion of public and championship sports, as well as further development of education at the international level. They were exhibiting the new achievements and technologies, latest sports equipment and new and popular training methods that were used worldwide, as well as various sports programs and services were presented to the eyes of those interested.

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