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Pilates Reformer Teacher Workshop

Istanbul| Turkey | 2023

Practical section and closing ceremony of the Pilates Reformer Teacher Course in Istanbul, Turkey, hosted by IFPE, held on September 23, 2023 in which participants after hours of hard work and accelerated training, managed to get their hands on Pilates Reformer certificates with a 0.6 CEUs in score.
Also, trainees in this course got to learn about latest methods of Pilates Reformer coaching in accordance with Germany and other EU countries’ educational standards.
Teaching of this course, both in online and offline format, was presented by master trainers and professors with various set of training skills including:
Dr. Safoora Tahmasebi : International Pilates Reformer Teacher , specialized in Pilates Reformer.
Dr. Bagheri: Physiology and Applied Anatomy