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Strength and Conditioning Workshop for Basketball

Tehran | IRAN |  2023

The 3rd strength and conditioning coaching course was organized by IFPE academy. There were more than 20 coaches were participants from majority of cities in Iran. Educational contents of this course were taught in form of online, offline and in-person workshop. This course was dedicated to basketball performance and techniques for athletic development. Our best instructors and doctors shared their knowledge and experiences for participants.

Educational contents

» DR. Mohammad Hossein Bagheri Basic principles of strength and conditioning

Specific anatomy of Basketball

» Mohammadreza Almasi Strength training


Speed, agility and plyometric

Monitoring of training load

Fitness  testing for basketball

Aerobic endurance training

» DR. Ehsan Alizadeh Sports nutrition and recovery for basketball

Nutrition tips for maximizing performance

» DR. Ali Khezri Sports massage techniques for Basketball players
» DR. Majid Khodadadi Injury prevention

Rehabilitation techniques

» DR. Marziyeh Arman Psychology methods for Basketball performance

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