Latissimus dorsi

Dumbbell Bent Over Row

Dumbbell Bent-Over Row


The bent-over dumbbell row is one of the best muscle-building exercises for the back. Select a weight that is challenging but can be lifted without sacrificing form when incorporating this exercise into your strength training workout.

Start Position

With a dumbbell in each hand (palms facing your torso), bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward by bending at the waist Position the feet in a shoulder-width stance with the knees slightly flexed Flex forward at the hips so the torso is slightly above parallel to the floor Allow the hand’s to hang with the elbows fully extended All repetitions begin from this position

Movement Phases

Pull the dumbbell toward the torso Keep the torso rigid, back neutral, and knees slightly flexed Lower the dumbbell back to the starting position Maintain the neutral spine and stationary torso and knee positions


Do not jerk the torso upward At the end of the set, flex the hips and knees to place the bar on the floor and stand up Keep your spine straight

Primary: Latissimus dorsi

Secondary: Trapezius,biceps brachii

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