Gluteus Maximus, Hamstring

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift


What does the single leg deadlift work? The single leg deadlift strengthens the posterior chain namely the glutes, hamstrings, lower back and core muscles. Your balance and movement skills will also be improved with this exercise.

Start position

Using the hand opposite the supporting leg, hold a Dumbbell with an overhand grip in front of the hip on that side of the body Hold the chest up and shoulders back All repetitions begin from this position

Movement Phases

Lower the Dumbbell by flexing the hip of the supporting leg
Keep the knee and hip of the other leg extended; as the torso flexes forward, that leg becomes the rear leg
Continue flexing the hip of the supporting leg until the Dumbbell is about mid shin height and rear leg and torso parallel to floor
Reverse the movement to return to the beginning position
At the end of the set, repeat with the other leg

Muscles Involved

Primary muscles: Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus

Secondary muscles: Spinal erectors, Quadriceps

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