Anterior Deltoid

Barbell Shoulder Press

Barbell Shoulder Press


The barbell shoulder press is a compound exercise that works the deltoids, trapezius and triceps. It also strengthens the rotator cuff, neck and core. This move is great for building muscle strength in your upper body as well as improving overall stability

Start Position

Sit down on a vertical shoulder press bench and lean back to place the body in the five-point body contact position
Grip should be slightly wider than shoulder-width
Grasp the bar with a closed, pronated grip
Press the bar over the head until the elbows are fully extended
All repetitions begin from this position.

Movement Phases

Lower the weight slowly in front until it touches the clavicles and anterior deltoids
Push the bar upward until the elbows are fully extended


Maintain the five-point body contact position
Do not arch the back or rise off the seat.

Primary: Anterior deltoid
Secondary: Lateral deltoid, triceps brachii, trapezius, upper pectoralis major

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