Gluteus Maximus

Front Squat



Like with back squats, front squats increase muscle mass in the lower body. The front squat muscles worked primarily include the quadriceps (quads), glutes, hips, and hamstrings. If your goal is to build the perfect glutes, front squats can help with that too. They also help strengthen the spinal erectors.


Start Position

Place the hands on the bar and Flex the elbows
and cross the arms in front of the chest
Hold the chest up and out
Position the feet shoulder-width apart
(or wider), even with each other
with the toes pointed slightly outward
All repetitions begin from this position

Downward Movement(Eccentric Phase)

Maintain a position with the back neutral
elbows high, and the chest up and out
slightly outward
Allow the hips and knees to slowly flex
while keeping the torso-to-floor angle
relatively constant
Continue flexing the hips and knees
until the tops of the thighs are parallel
to the floor, the trunk
begins to round or flex forward, or the heels
rise off the floor

Upward Movement(Concentric Phase)

Maintain a position with neutral spine
hand the chest up and out
Extend the hips and knees at the same rate
Continue extending the hips and
knees to reach the starting position

Breathing Guidelines

Inhale during the downward movement
and exhale after the sticking point
of the upward movement


Primary muscles: Quadriceps Femiros, Gluteus Maximus

Secondary muscles: Soleus, Hamstring

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